Each year, the BEFC brings in over 150 high school student-athletes from Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest to participate in the BEFC. Once again, the BEFC will be hosted at the Don Hutson Center, which is the Green Bay Packers indoor training facility. The date of this event is scheduled for March 17, 2018.

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Consent and Liability:

I hereby release and hold harmless Bellin Health System, including its affiliates and subsidiaries, and their employees, officers and directors; the Green Bay Packers, its affiliates, employees, officers and directors; sponsors of the Bellin Elite Football Combine (BEFC); and the BEFC officials from any liability for physical injury or property damage incurred by me arising out of my participating in the BEFC. I certify that I have no medical ailments that would jeopardize or impair my participation in the BEFC. I further provide that this hold harmless agreement applies to my heirs, executors, and assignees.

I authorize employees of Bellin Health to arrange for any medical attention which may be necessary during my participation in the BEFC.