The Bellin Elite Football Combine will be hosted once again at the Don Hutson Center, site of the Green Bay Packers Indoor Training Facility. The structure sprawls over 112,400 square feet and encompasses two "FieldTurf" fields. A 70-yard field runs east-west, with another 60-yard field running north-south. There are 90 foot and 85-foot ceilings over the respective fields, the facility allows for full punting and kicking.

This facility can hold 2 "747" jets side-by-side. The Don Hutson Center is 452 feet long and 170 feet wide.

This facility allows the Bellin Elite Football Combine to be run regardless of the weather, which is very unpredictable in early May. It also allows the BEFC to be run on an artificial surface that duplicates the playing conditions of real grass. This surface is called "FieldTurf". This turf is used by many College and Professional Football teams, such as, the Seattle Seahawks, the Wisconsin Badgers, the University of Washington, the Minnesota Vikings Training facility, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, Northern Illinois University, BYU, the New York Jets, Duke University, Ohio State University, USC, Central Michigan, and Boston College, just to name a few.