The "Combine" (BEFC) is an event that tests a combination of several skills including speed, power, strength, and agility. These skills are used to evaluate an athlete's overall skill level. This event makes it easy for college scouts to see a variety of athletes and for athletes to increase their exposure to many different Division I, II and III colleges from across the nation.

How are players selected?

The players are selected to the BEFC by the BEFC Selection Committee. Every year, the BEFC is marketed to high school coaches and student-athletes throughout the state of Wisconsin, along with schools throughout the Midwest. The high school coach is asked to recommend a student-athlete for the BEFC. Applications are sent back to the BEFC by the due date established on the application. Final selections to the BEFC are solely at the discretion of the BEFC Selection Committee.

What is the criterion for eligibility?

How will I know if I have been selected?

You will receive an acceptance letter from the Program Director. This letter will give you specific registration details with documents that must be completed and returned on time to reserve your spot. Also, at that time, you will receive the waivers necessary to participate in the BEFC.

What is the cost to participate in the BEFC?

The cost of attending the BEFC is a non-refundable deposit of $100. This fee will cover the cost of your BEFC T-shirt, BEFC shorts, individual printout of your combine results, your results compiled and posted on the BEFC website and lunch.

How many positions may I try out for?

Due to the amount of athletes expected at the BEFC and the time constraints, we will only allow an athlete to participate in one position, (i.e. If a player plays two positions in high school, please select a position that you feel you would play in college). The variety of drills and skills demonstrated will give college coaches a true understanding of the player's speed, strength and agility.

What colleges will be attending the BEFC?

As of August 1, 2006, the NCAA Rules committee passed Bylaw stating:

A Division I member institution or conference may not host, sponsor or conduct a tryout camp, clinic, group workout or combine (e.g., combination of athletics skill tests or activities) devoted to agility, flexibility, speed and strength tests for prospective student-athletes at any location. In sports other than football, a member institution's staff members may only attend such an event sponsored by an outside organization if the event occurs off the institution's campus and is open to all institutions. (NCAA Bylaw (Adopted: 1/10/92, Revised: 1/9/06 effective 8/1/06).

This means that no representative of any Division I Football program may attend a tryout camp, clinic, group workout, or combine. More information regarding this bylaw can be found at: This bylaw does not affect Division II, III, and NAIA schools.

The student-athlete's BEFC results will be posted on the BEFC website approximately 4 weeks after the date of the BEFC. College Coaches will be notified, via mail, that these results will be posted for their viewing.

Who will be doing the testing?

The testing and recording will be performed by Certified Athletic Trainers and the rehabilitation staff from Bellin Sports Medicine. Our staff is highly trained and all data will be objective. All tests will be standardized and some special equipment may be brought in to assure accurate results.

Can my whole family come to the BEFC?

Due to the space needed for the BEFC, you will only be allowed to bring 2 adults to the BEFC. You will receive 3 wrist bands that must be worn by the adults to gain entry into the Don Huston Center.

When will I receive my individual DVD of the BEFC?

If you have ordered your personalized DVD, it will take approximately 8-10 weeks from the date of the BEFC for you to receive your DVD. The BEFC does mail out individual DVDs as soon as they are completed. We try very hard to have all the DVDs completed and mailed out within 6 weeks, as we know you are anxious to send this information to your schools of interest.  The cost of the DVD is not included in the participation fee.

Am I eligible for the BEFC Scholarship?

Only BEFC participants who are going into their senior year of high school are eligible to apply for the scholarship. To be eligible, one must meet specific criteria as set by the BEFC Committee and Bellin Health.

When do I receive the BEFC Scholarship?

The recipient will be recognized for the BEFC Scholarship with a trophy at lunch the day of the BEFC. The athlete will receive the scholarship monies after proof of graduation is made available to the BEFC, as per WIAA rules regarding amateur status.