Training Opportunities

Strength & Conditioning

Athletes have the opportunity to physically prepare for the combine with the same coaches who will be implementing the combine drills the day of.  If you want to be at your best when it matters most, consider what you are doing now to be better for tomorrow.  Multiple training options are available.  Click here to review what could potentially work for you and consider having a free consultation with one of our coaches to help you find the right path to success.


Football involves running, jumping, and cutting movements that all involve the opportunity for an athlete to either get hit by, or inflict a hit on an opponent.  The potential for injury is high not just in those impacts, but also in the movements that are involved in either avoiding or creating the contact.  Fact:  70% of all ACL tears are non-contact meaning that the injury occurred without an athlete taking a blow to the region, it was a simple cut or planting motion that caused the injury.  Our assessments are designed to evaluate an athletes risk for such injury and create an individualized plan for reducing that risk.  Consider the Performance and Prevention Assessment to make sure you once you get on the field, you stay on the field.  Click here for more information.

Combine Clinic

Each year, in accordance with our annual Combine day where athletes have the opportunity to perform in front of coaches who could be potentially recruiting them, Bellin's Titletown Strength and Conditioning staff holds a "Combine Prep" day. Participants have the chance to get coached on how to best approach each of the drills that they will be evaluated on during the combine.  Please reach out to Jason Infusino at or call 920-884-1342 for more information.